NRL and clubs make peace

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NRL clubs and officials have vowed to make peace after meeting in Melbourne on Thursday.


NRL powerbrokers sat down with the chairmen and other representatives of the 16 clubs in a four-hour meeting.

There has been growing tension between decision makers at Moore Park and those in club land in recent months, however the coming together was described as positive.

Going into the meeting, a handful of clubs were reportedly unhappy with the performance of the ARL Commission and were asking for a greater say.

There was also dissatisfaction with the amount of money trickling down to the clubs.

However it was reported that those on both sides of the table came out of the bi-monthly meeting feeling positive about the game’s direction.

“I had been to meetings prior to today and yesterday and at no stage did I see anything that led me to believe that World War III was coming or was imminent,” Melbourne chairman Bart Campbell, who was spokesman for the group of club chairmen, told Fairfax Media.

“It is all part of the dialogue, people have different view points and different agendas but ultimately what we have tried to do is to distil them into a very narrow sub set, focus on those and move forward.”

NRL chief executive Dave Smith vowed to increase communication between officials and the clubs.

“There was some very smart people around the table and there were some really good points of view. It was a good, wholesome conversation. There was no controversy,” Smith said.

“I think what you’re seeing is significant growth potential in the game. For example, in our non-broadcast income you have seen us grow from about 68 million in 2012 to about 120 million today.

“There will be lots more conversations. Sometimes you agree, sometimes you don’t agree but not in a negative way, in a constructive way.”

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