Labor to support some pension changes

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After accusing the federal government of selling out pensioners, Labor now says it will support some parts of the government’s pensions deal with the Greens.


Through this deal, about 170,000 pensioners will get an extra $15 a week, while about 91,000 home-owning retirees will lose their part pension and another 235,000 will have their pension reduced.

Opposition families spokeswoman Jenny Macklin said this was the latest move in Tony Abbott’s relentless campaign to cut the pension.

She said this was another broken promise from a prime minister who vowed before the last election that he would not touch the pension.

But, she said Labor acknowledged tough decisions needed to be made and Australia couldn’t afford to continue providing generous tax breaks to millionaires with millions of dollars in their superannuation.

“That is why we will agree to certain measures in this bill,” she told parliament during debate on the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Fair and Sustainable Pensions) Bill 2015.

Ms Macklin said Labor would agree to abolish the seniors supplement and changes to social security treatment of defined benefits.

But Labor would not agree to changes to the assets test or to pensions portability arrangements.

“We will certainly not agree to the cuts to the pensioners education supplement or the education entry payment. We have fought these cuts for a year and we will fight them once again,” she said.

The surprise deal came about after Labor declared it wouldn’t support proposed pension changes which aim to save $2.4 billion.

Social Services Minister Scott Morrison brokered an agreement with the Greens in exchange for looking at retirement incomes as part of the tax white paper process.

“I felt I had an obligation to support what was one of very, very few decent measures in the Abbott budget,” Greens leader Richard Di Natale said on Wednesday.

But the deal outraged seniors who vowed to vent their anger at the next federal election.

National Seniors Australia says it will be middle Australia not millionaires who will be affected by the tightening of the pensions assets test.

“They will be deeply disappointed with the proposal the government and the Greens have put through – that will be reflected at the ballot box,” chief executive Michael O’Neill told AAP.

The government’s bill will likely pass the House of Representatives on Thursday and be debated in the Senate next week.

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